OCA Years

Susan graduated in sculpture and bronze casting from Toronto’s Ontario College of Art (now OCAD-U - Ontario College of Art & Design University).

Jane at OCA

acrylic & collage on board

24 X 18 inches

She was awarded the Nora E. Vaughan Scholarship for sculpture her second year and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Scholarship her final year.  Last year of OCA Susan set up home in the Tuscan mountains of Italy and finished her studies at a foundry in the artists colony of Pietra Santa.

At OCA she also studied wood working and print-making.  Jane (above) was her room mate.

Susan’s father, James Graham, had a cousin, Alice Innes, who painted with the Group of Seven.  She exhibited in the Canadian Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City.  Alice Innes assisted JW Beatty in running the OCA summer school in Port Hope and various locations during the teens, early 1920’s.  Susan grew up with Alice’s work and was influenced by her use of colour and brush work.



Susan Graham