About the Art

Susan’s art work divides into several main periods that reflect an examination of life she was undertaking at the time (see below).

Her work explores the relationship between the intimate and the universal. 

Whatever she paints, she goes deep into the subject - to extract an aspect of its nature at a specific time in its existence.

Susan works from life.  She likes precision and immediacy.  She likes brushwork.

When she’s working, she works fast, without correction.  Every observation must be true, every stroke accurate and necessary.  The concentration takes her to a place where there is nothing outside of the momentum of her work.

Red Annual Poppy 1

oil on canvas

14 X 36 inches



Susan Graham




Order & Chaos in the Kingdom of Flowers  

2001~present - oil on canvas & board, floral portraits

Essentially this body of work is about anger and beauty - taking things to the edge without going over - flowers as the central argument.

The Relationship between the Physical & the Emotional

1990~2001 - oil on canvas, cityscapes

The tone of this project is reflective.  The intention is to reveal emotional response to the physical world in which we live. 

A Show of Shows

1990~1994 - oil on canvas & board, interiors

Chronicles the installations at Fredericton’s Gallery Connexion artist-run centre when it was about five years into its mandate.

Art | Work

1985~1993 - oil on canvas & board, portraits in situ

Artists working in their studios.

(Or not)


1981~1990 - oil on canvas & board, portraits

A broad cross-section of the population of the City of Saint John NB. was invited into the studio.

OCA Years

1975~1980 - drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media etc.

In these years of formal art education Susan experimented with different media.  Her final year she studied bronze casting in Italy.


All dates - all media

These pieces capture the informal and the exploratory... a domestic moment,  the first tentative steps into a new direction.