A Show of Shows

A Show of Shows” is literally that.  It chronicles the installations at Gallery Connexion Artist-run Centre in Fredericton NB. when Susan had a studio there from 1990 to 1993.


Gallery Connexion was about 5 years into its mandate then.  It had just secured core funding and could begin multi-year programming. 

Gallery Connexion’s mandate is to provide a venue for art that is ideas-based and non-commercial.  It serves as a meeting place to explore and discuss new directions - for artists, authors, musicians and film-makers. 

Susan had a studio in the facility and would bring her easel out into the Gallery spaces to paint the changing exhibitions.

Lance Belanger, the artist of the above exhibition, is native New Brunswick Maliceet.  His installation articulates the native experience of colonization.  The wall-mounted works are animal and technology ‘guts’ set in frames from the Victorian era, the time of colonization.  The spheres on the floor reference indigenous artefacts on Turtle Island, the native expression for North America.

Works by Lance Belanger

at Gallery Connexion

oil on canvas

24 X 20 inches

Susan Graham